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Counselling Support

Dear Kranjian,

We All Have ‘Ups and Downs’ in Our Lives!

At some crossroads in our lives, we go through very low periods with life questions we don’t feel we can go to our families or friends for answers.
If you hit a low point, you can count on us to help you better understand yourself and realise your potential.

Approach the School Life Coaching Team

When you face life challenges such asYou can overcome life challenges with:
  • Friendship and/or relationship (e.g. BGR) matters
  • Bullying Issues
  • Peer Pressure
  • Smoking or substance abuse
  • Physical or mental abuse
  • Grieving the loss of someone
  • Family issues
  • Confusion over post-secondary education options
  • Need for more clarity on career choices
  • or any other challenge you are troubled with and would like some help to overcome them
  • Life Coaching Sessions with the School Life Coaches
  • Cyber-Wellness Programme by Touch Youth Community
  • PEARLS (STEP-UP) Programme
  • Stress and Time Management Guides
  • Effective Student Timetable Guides
  • Managing Emotions Sessions
  • Hurt to Heal Sessions
  • Career Counselilng

School Life Coaching Team

Visit the full-time school counsellors (FTSCs) or teacher-counsellors (TCs) personally or contact them via telephone or email, or drop them a note at the Chat Room.

LevelCounsellorEmailOffice No: 6766 2464
All LevelsMdm Jayaletchumi (FTSC)jayaletchumi_s_p_uthirapathy@moe.edu.sgExt. 287
All LevelsMr Zainal (TC)Zainal_abidin_zainuddin@moe.edu.sgExt. 351


VWO NameContact No.VWO NameContact No.
Touchline1800 377 2252 Samaritans of Singapore (24-hour SOS) 1800 221 4444 
Tinkle Friend1800 274 4788Fei Yue Counselling Hotline 1800 565 6626
Youth Guidance Outreach Services6468 8392  Singapore Children's Society 6566 6989
ComCare1800 222 0000Touch Youth Services6377 0122