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Character Education


Ms Livia Lim (HOD - Covering)
Ms Adely Chen (Sec 1Express/1NA Year Head)
Mr Seet Wee Leong Gerald (Sec 2NA/2NT Asst Year Head)
Mr Go Jun Hong (Sec 1NT/2Express Asst Year Head)
Mr Shafiq Kuthupdeen (Sec 3 Year Head)
Mr Guay Hansen (Sec 4/5 Year Head)
Ms Betina Ng (Sexuality Education)
Mdm Jayaletchumi S P Uthirapathy (School Counsellor/Cyber Wellness/ECG Coordinator)
Ms Mah Rui Jing Felicia (Values-in-action)


A community of virtue with strength of character 

To provide opportunities for students to gain knowledge, understanding, competencies and experiences in developing strength of character


•Adopt the Know Good, Love Good, Do Good Framework for whole-school approach to Character           Education

•Awareness - Know Good: Knowledge (Judge what is right)

•Attitude - Love Good: Understanding (Care deeply about what is right)

•Action - Do Good: Experience (Do what is right)

Four Main tenets in Character Education

School as a caring and rewarding moral community.

Teachers as role models and educators.

Character Education as everyday lessons, in and out of the classrooms.

Parents and community as partners in character education.

Character Education Programme for Holistic Development includes the following:


Explicit teaching of values, Habits of Mind, 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, 

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and National Education (NE) messages, lifeskills

Active involvement of students in discussions & sharing

Reflection as a learning tool and knowing students’ better

Customisation of lessons based on levels and students’ needs

Morning Digest Sharing on National Education, Values and Habits of Mind

Educational Career Guidance and career exploration for all levels

Cyberwellness programmes to prepare students to harness the benefits of ICT and avoid its                     dangers

Sexuality Education lessons

Student leadership development

Elective Modules to prepare students for the future

Life coaching and support programmes tailored for different levels and needs 

Target-setting and monitoring as an effective tool for self-management and regulation

Character and Citizenship Education-focused Assembly Programme


In-Conversation with Class Mentors (ICM) sessions to enhance teacher-student relationship


Values in Action (VIA) for all levels to support the learning and internalisation of values

Affirmation of students through Value of the Month Award, STAR Student Award, Celebration                 Cards and Notes of Appreciation