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Mother Tongue Language

Our Teachers

Ms Losiny (HOD/ICT, TL Co-ordinator)Ms Sahibah Farhanah Bte Salihoddin
Mr Zainal Abidin Zainuddin (SH/ML)Mrs Stella Jabamani Girivilar
Ms Yang Ching Ching (SH/CL)Ms Zhang Shu Juan 
Mdm Rosnah Bte Johari  Ms Nadhirah Bte Ismail
Mdm Chen Xi Miss Wong Soon Tin
Ms Chang Meng HsiaMiss Long Ruoxi
Mrs Cheri Lim-Nam Tin Yuen


To nurture Kranjians to love and appreciate their Mother Tongue Languages, to stay rooted in tradition and values, and to prepare them for a changing world

Key Programmes

Integrated Reading
    - Newspapers: Lianehe Zaobao/Comma, Berita Harian, Tamil Murasu, MTL Newspaper scrapbook              and NiE (CL Newspaper-in-Education Programme)
    - Education Magazines: CL/HCL - Youth Digest (Secondary 1 to 3), ML/HML - Dewan Siswa (Upper             Secondary), TL - Ambuli mama (Upper Secondary)

Festival Celebrations
   - Chinese New Year
   - Hari Raya Puasa
   - Mid-Autumn Festival
   - Deepavali

Experiential Learning
     (internal and external) through Lunar New Year cultural performance, Learning Journeys,                         participation in inter-school and intra-school competitions, MTL Cultural Fortnight and Camps

Writing Programmes
    – MTL Creative Writing Programme and Competitions                                                                                       – Publication of school MTL creative essay compilations: Kspirations (<<憧憬>>), School Magazine

Reading Programme 
       – Secondary 1 HCL to 4HCL and Sec 3 Band 1 & 2 CL-Youth Digest <<少年文摘>>                                        – June Vacation Supplementary Readers

Conversational Chinese and Malay Programme (Sec 1 and 2)

MTL Intensive Revision Programme for O-Level Examination

Higher Intensive Revision Programme for O-Level Examination

Higher Mother Tongue Programme

    - Appreciation of Chinese Culture and History
    - Malay Language Experiential Learning-Drama/Theatre Appreciation