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School Distinction Award

In 2012, Kranji was honoured to receive the School Distinction Award, which recognises schools with well-integrated and sustainable school processes and practices that have provided useful educational and developmental outcomes for the students.

Kranji strongly believes that every child is unique and has potential. In Kranji, our staff teach with passion and conviction to prepare every student holistically for the challenges of the 21st century. In the area of cognitive development, we challenge our students by extending the classroom learning to real-world contexts. We also make learning coherent through vertical integration and spiral progression, thereby stretching our students and reinforcing learning. Our most talented students are stretched via the Chrysalis Programme. To support teaching and learning, Kranji assiduously nurtures and sustains a culture of innovation and grows staff capacity in developing innovative pedagogies.

Being a Centre of Learning for ICT, our teachers make extensive use of ICT to engage students in self-directed and collaborative learning. Kranji organises the National ICT Sharing for teachers and students every year to encourage sharing of best practices.

But knowledge and skills alone are not sufficient for our students to succeed in life as they can become outdated. More important is a mature social-emotional core, deep values and strength of character, which will empower our students to thrive even in the face of challenges. For this reason, Kranji firmly subscribes to the belief that character development and values education are at the heart of education. We take a whole-school approach and all staff have a part to play.

In line with our philosophy ‘A Leader in Every Kranjian’, our students have the opportunity to develop self and team leadership and gain the National Youth Achievement Award at the same time. We closely monitor the acquisition of leadership skills of our student leaders and develop them accordingly.

To give our students authentic learning opportunities to carry out meaningful community projects that develop a sense of social responsibility and rootedness to Singapore, Kranji establishes and sustains strong partnerships with external organisations such as post-secondary educational institutions including the polytechnics and ITE, National Parks, National Environment Agency and South West Community Development Council. Our signature community event is the Mid-Autumn Festival, an event we have been organising in collaboration with Yew Tee Citizens’ Consultative Committee for the residents in Yew Tee constituency since 2005.

To heighten students’ understanding of national and global issues, Kranji has a vibrant internationalisation programme where we host visiting students and overseas delegates to give opportunities to students to interact with students from international institutions. Students also have the chance to go overseas for learning experiences to broaden their outlook.