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Lee Hsien Loong Award

For innovations in the Normal Course

In Kranji, every child is precious to us and we endeavour to build an affirmative learning environment with customised academic and special programmes for all our students. For the Normal course, the total curriculum is especially learner-centred, with an emphasis on group learning, and is customised to develop students who are confident, self-directed learners as well as concerned citizens and active contributors.

To stretch their potential, the Express syllabuses and skill sets are integrated into the instructional programmes for Normal Academic students. Lessons for Normal Technical students are more bite-sized, hands-on and activity-based. Graduating Normal course students benefit from specially tailored motivational and study skills workshops to raise their achievement motivation. We even have a special bridging programme for Secondary 4 Normal Academic students to experience selected programmes at polytechnics and ITE to help them make informed choices on their post-secondary options.

Whole-school programmes such as Thinking Routines, Habits of Mind, Project Work and Character & Citizenship Education are differentiated for Normal course students through the use of scaffolds and additional resources. Different modes of assessment are used and they are weighted more heavily towards creativity and teamwork.

To support their holistic development, Normal course students take part in Aesthetics electives such as Jazz Fusion, Guitar, and Ethnic Fusion, which give them the opportunity to learn together with Express course students. They are also exposed to activities that develop life-long skills. For instance, Normal Technical students are introduced to trade skills such as hairstyling through Elective Modules and experience various games under the Sports Elective Programme. 

As we believe that there is a leader in every Kranjian, Kranji customises the leadership training workshops for Normal course students to make learning applicable. Leadership opportunities are given to Normal course students in class committees, CCA, Student Sports Committee and Prefectorial Board to demonstrate values in action and serve the school and the community.