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Best Practice Award (Teaching and Learning)

Our students today live in a brave new world where globalisation, changing demographics and technological advancements give rise to complex challenges and unique opportunities. More than ever, they need to be innovative and adaptable, and be grounded in good values.

Building on our strengths, Kranji has developed a forward-looking total curriculum in which academic and non-academic programmes lend support to one another. For example, as part of character education, students learn about mind-mapping and time management. Out-of-classroom activities such as competitions and CCA help students acquire critical and inventive thinking.

Kranji has a culture of innovation that pervades every aspect of student life. Our flagship Thinking Routines programme equips students with knowledge and skills that help them learn more effectively by making thinking visible and communicating their thinking. Together with the use of Innovation Protocol, Kranji continues to support the delivery of ‘Teach Less, Learn More’ and the permeation of a culture of excellence.

In Kranji, learning is fun and exciting. Teachers embrace innovations in teaching and learning by harnessing ICT, promoting 21st century competencies and infusing innovative and thinking skills as well as character and citizenship education. Learning is also challenging and rewarding. As our students are of a high calibre, we have restructured our curriculum through vertical integration, where selected topics from higher grade levels are taught at lower grade levels, and spiral progression, where skills and knowledge taught previously are revisited at a higher level to reinforce and deepen students’ learning. Recognising that our students have diverse learning needs, programmes are also customised to meet these needs.

Kranji recognises that teachers are the key to successful teaching and learning. To engage students in the learning process, every department has adopted a key pedagogy which is implemented across all levels. Teachers revisit the fundamentals of pedagogy through weekly reflections. To help teachers become more aware of the theoretical foundations that frame their classroom practices, selected teachers’ reflections and strategies from the Skilful Teacher are shared among teachers.