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Best Practice Award (Staff Well-Being)

Kranji firmly believes that our staff are the key to achieving our vision, mission, values and strategic goals. Being a People Developer certified by SPRING Singapore, we continually strive to expand human capital by growing and enhancing our staff for people excellence, and creating a collaborative environment to build a culture of innovation and learning.

To build staff capacity, Kranji invests heavily in professional development. We schedule key learning programmes in the school calendar to give them focus and prominence. As professional sharing is a vital means of learning, we institute weekly protected time for teachers to engage in Reflection cum Curriculum Planning. During Staff Development Time, our Senior Teachers take the lead in developing teacher competency using the Skilful Teacher and there are sharing sessions on best and innovative practices in curriculum and school practices.

To build a culture of innovation and learning, all Kranji staff work collaboratively in i Teams on an area of keen professional interest using a methodology of their choice: Lesson Study, Innovation Protocol and Action Research. Teachers regularly share the fruits of their research on effective pedagogies and engaging lessons at school level and at local and international conferences. The Kranji Buzz actively promotes sharing of good ideas and best practices. All of these support Kranji’s journey towards being a Learning School.

To realise the culture of care, Kranji takes care of the physical, emotional and social aspects of staff well-being so that staff morale remains high even as we face the daily challenges of our work. We strive to provide a conducive environment for all staff to work in. Every staff is assigned a buddy and in addition, each beginning teacher has a mentor. Activities such as Monthly Health Day, Health Screening Exercise and Fruit of the Month promote a healthy lifestyle among staff. School efforts to promote work-life harmony include organising outings and activities involving family members. Collegiality and quality relationship among staff is fostered through bonding activities and staff games. In Kranji, we work hard but play hard as well!